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Post  j9 on Sun Dec 09, 2007 5:23 am

Mexicans think we are idiots because they can come here and get freebies that even they cant get in Mexico.I wonder if they mistake our kindness for weakness.They think they are the only ones who can put in an honest days work,all Americans are lazy fat asses that wallow around like beached whales.I don't see how they can feel entitled to our life that so many brave Americans fought and died for.Their country is a corrupt shit hole and now they want to come here and turn our country into a shit hole.It ain't right.I would gladly pay more for my food and not live in a shit hole of crime,graffiti,shopping carts ,gangs,lower wages,crowded neighborhoods with 15 cars per house hold.Mexicans do not respect the rule of law and their way is anarchy and corruption.Real nice.44,000 Americans killed by illegal aliens since 9-11-01,and we are worried about Arabs?
Time for a reality check people,Mexicans are not capable of gratitude,you see it every day.


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