BP agents shoot 2 suspected smugglers

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BP agents shoot 2 suspected smugglers Empty BP agents shoot 2 suspected smugglers

Post  tinman on Sat Feb 02, 2008 11:47 pm

BP agents shot 2 illegal smugglers of both dope & people(hidden away in bed of truck)in front of the Golden Acorn casino near my home in San Diego (the town of Campo to be more accurate)The violence & assaults on agents in this part of San Diego county is rapidly increasing (it's about 1 or 2 miles from the U.S./mexico town of Tecate)this happened about mid morning yesterday 2/1/08. Although not fatal (bummer?)one is in critical condition & the other smuggler recieved minor injuries. Shit with border is just getting deeper, we need to seal the borders completely, let things settle down (if its possible) And only then maybe we can reevaluate our border & immigration policy and decide who stays and who goes, but absolutley under no circumstance should ANYONE here illegaly be allowed to stay including family members. It is just such an insult and grossly un fair to the thousands of people from around the world that are patiently going thru the process to citizenship, it's noteworthy that these immigrants that are doing things the right way are coming here to be AMERICANS not a parasitic faction of people that think just because they made it into this country(illegally) that they deserve rights & privilages reserved for native born citizens & legal immigrants. And I swear to God the next mexican flag I see flying above the U.S. stars& stripes I'm gonna cut down their flag,take the illegal offender, string him or her up and let them flop in the breeze right where they belong.... under the flag of the United States of America
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