What we have here is failure to communicate......

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What we have here is failure to communicate...... Empty What we have here is failure to communicate......

Post  Caliwine on Sun Dec 30, 2007 11:06 pm

Well I hope this forum catches on.So people(we the people) can see for themselves what we want and not what the media tells us.
There are 2 factors causing this large migration here. First is the allmighty buck.No one wants to spend it,everyone wants to have it. People who can afford to pay for quality and pride in work and ones self dont.
Secondly the faction of Mexico that is taught that that western U.S. was theirs and we stole it one night whilst they were at the Opera.
Who benefits from this. Mexico gets MIllions and Millions of U.S. dollars pumped into their country. Which by the way is a complete corrupt shithole.(I'm waiting to hear how we are also to blame for that too) If we gave to them or sold to them California and Oregon in 10 years time it would be reduced to what their standars are in that country.
But I digress. Who else benefits.The businesses,business owners,local government,state officials. Basically everyone but the common man,but what do we matter.......


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