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Post  tinman on Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:27 pm

About 3 days ago (Friday I think) there was a small protest at the San Diego/Tijuana International border by a group calling themselves "noborders camp" or something like that, has anyone heard of these people? Anyway same old crap no closed borders,everyone can come & go as they please, do what they want blaah,blaah,blaah. People that think like that should be exposed to reality & that reality is this world, this planet, this human race WAS / IS different culturally, ethnically,religiously, & politically. If people in any society were allowed to do as they wish & basically run amuck with their own cultural & religious beliefs without regard to anyone else's beliefs where do they think that would lead to ? I mean it would be great if we could all just get along & prosper & everyone could have their own way, but lets face it, that is just not reality as the historical facts on the human race & behaviour have shown, they believe in a utopian society !!!! WHAT ??? Can you say chip implants so we as a "human race" can all waddle along like fucking zombies...
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